Case Reports

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome induced by combination of Lamotrigine and Valproic Acid in a 9-year-old boy

K Maduemem, A Vatca, T O’Neill, D Buckley

Maduemem et al report a case of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) in a child.  The causative agents were Lamotrigine and Valproic Acid.  The authors explain that Valproic Acid decreases Lamotrigine clearance by 60%.  It is postulated a rapid rise in Lamotrigine levels increases the occurrence of skin lesions and rash (P586)

A cluster of Hepatitis A viral infection in HSE South

HA Ferris, A Dillon, MB O’ Sullivan

Ferris et al report on 5 cases of Hepatitis A.  The spread appears to have been related to a swimming pool with sub-optimal chlorine levels.  The authors emphasise the importance of prompt notification of cases. (P587)

An unusual case of multiple self-inflicted punctures to the precordium

F Borhan, N Borhan , B O’Riordan.

Borhan et al report a 32 female patient who inserted at least 19 sewing needles into her chest, abdomen, and soft tissues.  She required both a thoracotomy and a laparotomy.  One needle had penetrated her right ventricle. (P588)