Case Reports

A Case of Autoimmune Pancreatitis Presenting as a Deterioration in Glycaemic Control in a Patient with Pre-Existing Type 2 Diabetes

Forde H, Slattery D, Swan N., Smith D

Forde et al report the development of autoimmune pancreatitis in a Diabetic type 2 patient with worsening hyperglycaemia.(P569)

Amniotic band syndrome with pseudoarthrosis of tibia and fibula: A case report

A Ananthan, G Athalye Jape, J Du Plessis, P Annear, R Page, S Rao

Ananthan et al describe a case of amniotic band syndrome (ABS) in a 29 week gestation infant. There was a deficiency of the mid to distal tibia and fibula with pseudoarthrosis.  Following excision of the constricting band there was considerable improvement in bone growth. (P570)