Case Reports

A Borderline Ovarian Tumour in A Patient with Classic Bladder Exstrophy; A Case Report.

K Beauchamp, G Ryan, B Gibney, T Walsh, D Brennan

Beauchamp et al describe a 37 year old lady who presented with a large pelvic mass.  She had undergone surgical separation from her conjoined twin.  Following investigations and subsequent surgery it was confirmed that she had a bladder exstrophy.

Portal Hypertensive Colopathy with Pelvic Varices presenting as Severe Lower GI Bleed treated with TIPSS

SF Murphy, M Durand, JP McMorrow, JF Meaney, M Guiney

Murphy et al describe a case of portal hypertensive colopathy secondary to alcoholic liver cirrhosis.  She was successfully treated with a transjugular intrahepatic  portosystemic shunt (TIPSS) procedure. (P696)