Case Series

Iatrogenic Bowel Injury at Exchange of Supra-Pubic Catheter

Foran AT, Nason GJ, Rohan P, Keane GM, Connolly S, Hegarty N, Galvin D, O’Malley KJ

Foran et al report 2 cases of bowel perforation at supra-pubic catheter exchange. Both patients were elderly males.  The weakening of musculature with age and reduced muscle tone were risk factors.

CA125 Measured During Menstruation Can Be Misleading.

Crosby DA, Glover LE, Martyn F, Wingfield M

Crosby et al report that serum CA 125 concentrations increase significantly during menses in patients with endometriosis.  The authors point out the importance of this finding when evaluating endometriosis status.  The observation is illustrated in 2 described cases.