Original Papers

Association between psychological distress and cancer type in patients referred to a psycho-oncology service

CLavelle, MF Ismail, K Doherty, A Bowler, MM Mohamad, EM Cassidy

Lavelle et al report that the cancer type is not associated with the level of cancer distress.  The 3 commonest cancers encountered were breast, haematological, and lung. (P578)

A national audit of smoking cessation services in Irish maternity hospitals

Reynolds  CME., Egan B., Cawley  S., Kennedy , R.,  Sheehan S.R., Turner M.J.

Reynolds et al found that all Units gave verbal cessation advice to smokers.  12 Units in addition gave written advice.  5 Units revisited smoking status in later pregnancy.  The authors recommend that smoking cessation services should be implemented in a more standardized way across all Units.(P579)

A survey of clinical uncertainty from the paediatric basic trainee perspective

MB O’Neill,ZA Sarani, AJ Nicholson,M Elbadry ,AM Deasy

O’Neill et al explored the decision-making strategies of trainees.  Important factors were clinical knowledge and senior colleague’s opinion.  60% experienced anxiety post-call due to uncertainty.  The authors urge that these issues be addressed during training. (P580)

Long-term follow-up of patients with spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C: does viral clearance mean cure? 

M Iqbal, P A McCormick, M Cannon, N Murphy, P Flanagan, J E Hegarty, L Thornton

Iqbal et al report on the long-term follow-up of patients who were hepatitis C antibody positive but HCV RNA negative.  Among 321 patients the follow-up tests remained negative.  The median time interval was 13 years.(P581)

Fancy a cup of scald? The role of hot beverage burns in paediatric burns admissions in Ireland

F McGuire, M Hegarty, P Jennings, P Marsden, L Smith

 McGuire et al report on 233 burn injuries in children.  74% of the burns were due to scalds.  77% were partial thickness and 73 affected the upper body.  Hot beverages accounted for 33% cases. (P582)

Consent for routine neonatal procedures: A study of practices in Irish neonatal units: How do we compare with the gold standard BAPM guidelines? 

M A Ryan, C A Ryan, E Dempsey, R O’Connell

Ryan et al found lack of consistency in relation to the modes of consent obtained for a bundle of procedures.  There was agreement for 3 items, BCG, 6-in-1 and donor breast milk. (P584)

Older motorcyclists in Ireland  

D Fitzpatrick, D O’Neill

Fitzpatrick and O’Neill motorcycle injuries among older riders is increasing.  Injuries have increased from 17 (2005) to 31 (2012).  They have longer stays in hospital but are less likely to be fatally injured. (P585)