Original Papers

Oral Cancer Awareness of Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors in Irish Hospitals

D Shanahan1 CM Healy2

Shanahan and Healy address the issue of oral cancer awareness.  They surveyed 221 NCHDs.  60% were uncertain, and 21% very unsure of oral cancer diagnosis. 80% do not routinely examine the oral mucosa.  More education is required at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Cross-sectional Analysis of the Standards of Consent Applied to Anaesthesia in Ireland: Are Anaesthetists Aware of their Legal and Ethical Obligations?

Cafferkey A, Lyons B

Cafferkey and Lyons report on the responses of 160 anaesthetists. 63.8% do not usually document consent.  21.8% rarely and 27.8% never explain the risks to patients.  The findings suggest wide variation in the practice of obtaining consent for anaesthesia.

Overnight emergency CT imaging: a 10-year experience at an Irish tertiary referral hospital.

Hynes J1, Redmond CE1, Healy GM1, Cronin, J2, Heffernan, EJ1.

Hynes et al report that over a 10-year period, overnight CT scan imaging increased.  The increase was from 0.4 to 1.2 studies per night.  64% of the scans were normal.

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCs) and Potential Cost Savings and Shortened Bed Stays In an Acute Hospital Setting.

 C O’Brien, J Mc Marrow, E O’Dwyer, P Govender, WC Torreggiani

O’Brien et al describe 2404 referrals for PICC line insertion 2009-15.  During the study period the annual number of PICC insertions increased from 255 to 508 annually.

A Review Of Referral Patterns For Sagittal Synostosis In Ireland: 2008-2013

M J Berney, A McGillivary, J Caird, D J Murray

Berney et al describe 81 children with sagittal synostosis.  74% were referred before 6 months, and 26% were late referrals.  Late referral led to a more complex referral pathway.

Is Increasing Life Expectancy Leading To More Complexity?

H Johnson, A O’Farrell, D McKeow, G Sayers, C Hayes, D Beaton

Johnson et al examined the relationship between age over 65 years and indicators of clinical complexity in acute hospitals.  Over the period 2005-2014 the number and rate of hospital admissions increased especially for those over 85 years.

A Descriptive Study Of The Burden Of Animal-Related Trauma At Cork University Hospital.

M Sheehan, C Deasy

Sheehan and Deasy report that 54 patients were admitted to CUH with major farm animal related trauma over a 5 year period.  Most were orthopaedic injuries, fractures of the tibia and fibula being the commonest.  59% of cases required surgery, and 16.7% were admitted to the intensive care unit.

Management of Bone Fragility in Primary Care in Ireland

R O’Connor, A O’Regan , J O ‘Doherty

O’Connor et al studied 243 patients at risk of bone fragility.  Using DEXA scan examinations, 17% had osteoporosis, 11 had osteopaenia.  63% were currently being prescribed bisphosphonates. 21% did not have a baseline scan before commencing bisphosphonate therapy.