Original Papers

Incidence of hospital acquired thrombosis (HAT) in a tertiary care hospital

 Khan et al in their study found that acute venous thrombosis (VTE) was diagnosed in 100 patients and hospital acquired thrombosis (HAT) in 48 patients.  The authors stress the importance of a hospital thromboprophylaxis policy. (P542)

Caring for obese children- a change in paradigm

Doyle et al report on the role of a hospital programme for overweight children.  The study included 111 children.  A high incidence of emotional difficulties was encountered among the children.  Learning difficulties was another feature. (P543)

Ireland’s recent contribution to the radiological literature: a bibliometric analysis  

Redmond et al report on the published papers produced by Irish radiology departments since 2000.  There were 781 papers.  Only 9.6% of papers were a collaborative effort with more than one hospital department (P544)

An audit of empiric antibiotic choice in the inpatient management of community-acquired pneumonia

Delaney and Jackson studied 60 patients with community acquired pneumonia.  They were assessed using the CURB score.  At least one third of patients had a CURB score 0-1 which suggests that they could have been managed as an outpatient. (P545)

Rotavirus Gastroenteritis is Associated with Increased Morbidity and Mortality in Children with Inherited Metabolic Disorders

A Smith, M Mannion, P O’Reilly, E Crushell, J Hughes, I Knerr, P Gavin, A Monavari (P546)

Hospital acquired thrombosis (HAT) prevention in an acute hospital: a single centre cross-sectional study  

Khan et al audited the proportion of patients with a VTE risk who received thromboprophylaxis (TP).  TP was prescribed to 43% of these patients.  Following the introduction of an assessment tool the TP prescription was 46.3%. (P547)