Your fellow doctors need your help.

Médecins Sans Frontiéres is a collaboration of doctors and donors working together to provide emergency medical care to people caught up in crises around the world. Your support is especially important to us.

As a medical professional, you understand the work we do and the impact it can have. You understand the hardship of a patient lost and the joy of a patient saved. You understand the difference that sending a doctor to the field can make.

The frontline is our waiting room.
MSF medical professionals are providing life-saving medical care around the world, often in challenging situations. We work in highly unstable countries, facing logistical challenges and violence to provide medical care to those who need it.

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The warzone is our theatre.
Medical need is our only motivation. We go where others can’t or won’t. Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are just four of over 70 countries where our teams are on the ground caring for patients.

The hut is our clinic.
Not all crises strike without warning; some disasters are slow. They unfold over decades as disease devastates a population, instability undermines the health system or people are actively excluded from care. In these cases, we work to give people access to health care and to tackle diseases which need long term treatment.

It is our mission to go where we are needed. We need your help to get there.
Your donation allows us to remain independent from political, religious and economic interests.
Your donation could send a doctor to the field for a day. Your donation could see children vaccinated, wounds healed, or babies delivered. Your donation could save lives.

Please donate €65 or more a month to help your fellow doctors save lives.