Case Reports

A Case of Paget-Schroetters Syndrome in a Young Male After Lifting Weights

 E. Umana, M. Elsherif, J. Binchy

Umana et al describe a young man who developed upper limb pain and swelling after weight lifting.  Imaging showed a non-occlusive thrombus of the left subclavian and axillary veins.  The diagnosis was Paget-Schroetters Syndrome-effort thrombosis. 


Severe Rhinitis Medicamentosa Successfully Treated with Rhinolight® Endonasal UV Phototherapy

P. Carson, M. Lyons

Carson and Lyons describe the use of Rhinolight, endonasal phototherapy, for rhinitis medicamentosa.  He was treated with 8 sessions of Rhinolight with a good response.


An Unusual case of a Facial Guard Causing Penetrating Soft Tissue Injury in the Game of Hurling

T. Farrell, C. McDonald, E. Sheehan

Farrell et al describe a penetrating injury to the ring and little finger.  The player was injured when his fingers came in contact with the helmet of another played.