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Issue Archive 1980-1996
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  January 2015 Volume 108 Number 1                    
Table of Contents
IMJ Commentary
Original Papers
Case Report
Research Correspondence
Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews
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IMJ Commentary
Rediscovering Lost Values: Professor Aidan Halligan: Doolin Lecture 2014
JFA Murphy
Preconception Low-Dose Aspirin and Pregnancy Outcomes: Results from the EAGeR Randomized Trial
Fionnuala Mone,F McAuliffe
Original Papers
Preparedness of Elderly Long-term Care Facilities in HSE East for Influenza Outbreaks
Lois O'Connor,Mairin Boland,Helen Murphy
Pedestrian Deaths in Children - Potential for Prevention
Karina Hamilton,William Macken,C McGarvey,TG Matthews,AJ Nicholson
Day-Case Tonsillectomy: Practical Solution or Practical Impossibility
Natallia Kharytaniuk,Rohana O'Connell,Adil Sharafa,Keogh Ivan J
Is Primary Prevention of Childhood Obesity by Education at 13-month Immunisations Feasible and Acceptable? Results from a General Practice Based Pilot Study
Eithne Doorley,Claire Young,Brendan O'Shea,C Darker,B Hollywood,Cliona O'Rorke
Re-Attenders to the Emergency Department of a Major Urban Hospital Serving a Population of 290,000
Benjamin Ramasubbu,Bryan Lee,N Collins
Major Cost Savings Associated with Biologic Dose Reduction in Patients with Inflammatory Arthritis
Claire-Louise Murphy,Sohail Awan,Miriam O Sullivan,Shawn Chavrimootoo,Clara Bannon,Linzi Martin,Trevor Duffy,Eithne Murphy,Maurice Barry
Case Report
Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: A Cooperative Surgical Approach to a Complex Surgical Procedure
Patrick Owens,Noel Lynch,Mark Curtin,A Devitt
Metachronous Adenocarcinoma of the Remnant Oesophagus 15 years following Multimodal Therapy
Stefanie Croghan,Orla Mc Cormack,C Muldoon,N Ravi,JV Reynolds
Research Correspondence
In-Hospital Stroke: Characteristics and Outcomes
Robert Briggs,Ruth McDonagh,Olivia Mahon,Harbison Joseph
Letters to the Editor
Mouth, Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Campaign
Denise MacCarthy,Conor McAlister,Eleanor O'Sullivan
The Critical View of Safety in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Towards A National Consensus
John O'Kelly,Joshua De Marchi,William Joyce
Westermark's Sign of Pulmonary Embolism – Well Known but Frequently Overlooked
Zornitsa Tsvetanova,H Logan
Potential Pitfalls with the Treatment of Acquired Methaemoglobinaemia
Nicola Cassidy,Edel Duggan
Impact of Changes in Canadian Postgraduate Training on the Irish Health Service
Tariq Esmail,Pishoy Gouda
An Audit of Urinary Tract Infections in Very Low Birth Weight Infants - What Are We Missing?
LM Perrem,Rioghnach O'Neill,O'Grady M.,Martin White
Book Reviews
Hepatology, Diagnosis and Clinical Management
J Kibbler, B Maloney, PA McCormick
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