Vaccine-Preventable Admissions to an Irish Paediatric Intensive Care

Doyle et al report a series of ICU admissions for vaccine preventable infections.  The toll was considerable.  Among the 39 children in the study there were 5 deaths.  There were 4 deaths from pneumococcal disease and 1 death from pertussis.  Other complications encountered in the cohort were skin loss, digit loss, and neurological injury.


An exploratory service-based study of Deliberate Self-Harm (DSH) in Ireland: ‘A hidden population’?

Quinn et al describe a cohort of 832 patients with DSH.  The predominant group was female, under 25 years, with a history of cutting (73%).  Suicide ideation (42%) and suicide attempt (35%) were common associations.


Comparing cardiovascular risk factors, disease and treatment in participants with rheumatoid arthritis and without arthritis in a population based study 

O’Driscoll et al found that in a cohort of 457 patients with rheumatoid arthritis there were higher rates of obesity, physical activity, and hypertension.


IMOFS May 2017

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