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Burkitt Lymphoma/Leukaemia in Children & Young Adolescents
Burkitt lymphoma accounts for 40% of cases of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  O’Rourke et al describe their experience with 33 cases over the period 2000-2017.  There was a male preponderance 25vs8.  The overall survival rate was 89%.

RO Resection Margin, A New Quality Measure in the Era of National Bowel Screening?
Parihar et al state that complete polypectomy is designated as RO.  Achieving the RO margin should be a KPI for endoscopists performing polypectomy.  In their series 27% of the polyps excised has an RO margin and 5% had involvement of the margin.  In 67% of cases the margin was unable to be assessed.

Risk Factors for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Bronchiolitis Admissions
Meenaghan et al report that in a 3 year period there were 557 admissions with RSV bronchiolitis and 106 of these required transfer to the PICU.  The infants admitted to the PICU were younger, median age 6.93 weeks, and were more likely to be preterm.

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