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Point Prevalence of Adult Intestinal Failure In Republic Of Ireland

A Bell, N Conway, J Courtney, K Kennedy, Z Raubenheimer, Niamh Rice, D Kevans, C L Donohoe, J V Reynolds

Bell et al report on 67 patients across 15 centres who were treated for intestinal failure.  The study period was 1 year.  75% experienced at least 1 major complication.  One third of patients developed catheter-related infections.

Kawasaki Disease – A Review of Treatment and Outcomes in an Irish Paediatric Cohort 2010-14. 

Flinn AM, Gavin PJ, McMahon CJ, Oslizlok P, Butler KM

Flinn et al describe 32 children with Kawasaki disease.  47% had abnormal ECHO findings in the acute phase but just 12.5% had persisting ECHO abnormalities.

The Prevalence of Respiratory Symptoms in Irish Dairy Farmers

 V Hogan, R Noone, J P Hayes, AM Coggins

Hogan et al studied respiratory symptoms in a cohort of 126 dairy farmers.  34.4% had cough symptoms, 29.4% had upper airway symptoms, 31.7% had eye symptoms.  The authors suggest that the symptoms may be related to work-related dust.

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