Ireland’s recent contribution to the radiological literature: a bibliometric analysis

 Redmond et al report on the published papers produced by Irish radiology departments since 2000.  There were 781 papers.  Only 9.6% of papers were a collaborative effort with more than one hospital department. 


 An audit of empiric antibiotic choice in the inpatient management of community-acquired pneumonia

Delaney and Jackson studied 60 patients with community acquired pneumonia.  They were assessed using the CURB score.  At least one third of patients had a CURB score 0-1 which suggests that they could have been managed as an outpatient.


Barriers to dental attendance in older patients

Shanahan and O’Neill assessed the standard of dental care in older patients with a mean age of 79.6 years.  Over 50% of the patients had not attended a dentist in the preceeding 36 months.  The authors point that regular dental checks are important for the detection of oral pathology as well as dental care.


April 2017

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