February 2020 
Vol. 113 No. 2

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Irish Congress of
Obstetrics, Gynaecology
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Articles on This Month's Quiz

Article 1: The Efficacy and Tolerability of Levetiracetam as a First Line Monotherapy in Childhood Epilepsy

Connolly et al describe their collective experience with Levetiracetam in 182 children with epilepsy.  75% achieved seizure freedom or >50% reduction in seizure control.  In 16% of cases the medication was discontinued because of side-effects

Article 2: Trends in Mental Health Presentations to a Paediatric Emergency Department

Fitzgerald et al report that the number of presentations have increased from 69 (2006) to 432 (2016).  The overall admission rate was 33%.

Article 3: Irish Inquiry Reports Relating to Perinatal Deaths and Pregnancy Loss Services

Helps et al state that there have been 10 national inquiry reports 2005-18 related to pregnancy loss services.  258 recommendations were made across the reports.  They including more staff, better training, better data collection.  Feedback from key stakeholders was only sought in 2 of the reports.

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