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Caesarean Section at Full Dilatation and Risk of Major Obstetric Haemorrhage

V O’Dwyer, A Freyne, N Joyce, S Coulter-Smith

O’Dwyer et al examined the relationship between caesarean section at full dilatation and the amount of obstetric haemorrhage.  There were 199 cases. The average estimated blood loss (EBL) was 665mls and 34 women had EBL>1L.  The routine use of oxytocin infusion should be considered in addition to the standard bolus to reduce the risk of haemorrhage.

An Audit of Neural Tube Defects in the Republic Of Ireland for 2012-2015

McDonnell R, Delany V, O’Mahony MT, Lynch C, McKeating A, Monteith C, Turner MJ

McDonnell et al found that the overall rate of neural tube defects (NTDs) was 1.05/1000 compared to 1.04/1000 in 2009-11.  There were 121 cases of anencephaly, 136 cases of spina bifida, and 31 cases of encephalocoele.  Over the last decade there has been no reduction in the number of NTDs.  Voluntary food fortification measures have been unsuccessful.

Single Centre Experience – Clinical Presentation and Frequency of Paediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) at Diagnosis over a 5 year period

McKenna A, Sandys N, Ryder K, Metwally, N, Brennan A, O’Regan M, Hoey MCV, Roche EF.

McKenna et al report on 136 children with diabetes. 28.7% of children had DKA at diagnosis.  The commonest symptoms were polydipsia, polyuria, weight loss, and lethargy.  The median duration of symptoms was 17 days.

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