This Month's Highlights:

Dedicated Orthogeriatric Service Saves the HSE a million euro

In 2011, health care costs in Ireland amounted to almost fourteen billion euro or 27% of government expenditure. A ceiling of just over thirteen billion for health expenditure was set for 20141. Deliverance of high quality patient care in a cost effective manner has become of the upmost importance.

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Foot Drop: Looking beyond common Poroneal Nerve Palsy- A Neurophysiology Centre Experience

Foot drop is a simple term describing a complex symptom with a wide variety of aetiologies of which the clinical consequences may have a considerable range in severity, urgency and prognosis. It is a common and distressing problem which may lead to falls and injuries.

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Profile of frequent attenders to a Dublin Inner City Emergency Department

Overcrowding in our emergency departments (ED) and appropriate utilisation of the emergency department facilities are topics of much interest in the Irish healthcare system. Within the literature on ED usage, there is only a small focus on frequent attenders.

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