Trends in fractures and fatalities of farmyard injuries in Ireland: a 10 year analysis

 Lee et al report that during the period 2005-2014 there were 2064 farm-related fractures and 187 fatalities.  The farming community accounts for 6% of the population.
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Predictors of live birth after vasectomy reversal in a specialist fertility centre  
Davis et al describe 106 vasectomy reversals in a 13 year period.  The subsequent patency rate was 75% and the live birth rate was 41%.  A shorter post vasectomy obstructive interval (PVOI) less than 5 years and a female age <36 years were significant predictors of a live birth.
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Improving time to surgery for hip fracture patients: impact of the introduction of an emergency theatre

 ffrench-O’Carroll et al have audited the time for hip fracture surgery after the opening of a new theatre.  Delays greater than 36 hours were reduced from 49% to 26%.   It is pointed out that 3,000 patients are admitted to Irish hospitals with a hip fracture.  Access to a theatre is an important factor in surgery delays.
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