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Patterns of Mortality in Modern Stroke Care

D’Alton et al report on 518 patients with a stroke.  The mortality was 7.5%.  Among the deceased cohort group, the average age was 78.6 years, 49% had atrial fibrillation, and the mean survival was 26.4 days.

A Descriptive Study of Antidepressant Prescribing In a Semi-Rural Practice

Walsh and Duffy report that 7% (602) patients were prescribed antidepressants in the preceeding 6 months.  Escitalopram was the most commonly described antidepressant.  The authors comment that the practice reflects the wide use of antidepressants in society.

The Utility of Routine Echocardiography in Newborn Infants with a Persistent Oxygen Requirement  

Walsh et al addressed whether infants with transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN) should have a cardiac ECHO performed.  In a series of 47 infants with TTN, no infant had a significant congenital heart lesion.  The authors conclude that routine ECHO on infants with TTN is unwarranted.

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