This Month's Highlights:

Attitudes toward palliative care and end of life issues: A prospective survey in patients with metastatic cancer

Docherty et al report that palliative care (PC) resources are under-utilised.  In a survey of patients with metastatic cancer, 60% believed that PC can make people feel better.  63.4% believe that PC is offered when nothing more can be done.  80% said that symptom control is more important than prolonging life.

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The efficacy of bronchial thermoplasty for severe persistent asthma- the first national experience:

Watchorn et al state that thermoplasty is a bronchoscopic procedure which uses radiofrequency to reduce airway smooth muscle mass.  In a series of 7 patients, the procedure resulted in significant improvement in mean asthma control scores.

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A prospective analysis of the relationship between chronic diseases and adiposity in older adults: findings from the lifeways cross-generation cohort study of a thousand families 2001-2014: 

O’Reilly et al in the lifeways study report that 42.4% are overweight and 32.1% are obese.  The BMI showed a linear association with both diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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