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Is Helmet and Faceguard Modification Common in Hurling and Camogie and Why Is It Done

O’Connor and Daly report a survey of 304 players.  8% of helmets were already modified at the time of purchase and 31% of players made further modifications.  The main ones being the switching of faceguards and the removal of the bars.  Restricted vision and comfort were 2 of the main reasons given.

Presentations and Preceding factors of Drug Overdose amongst adolescents admitted to a Large Regional Hospital.

Maduemem et al report on 85 adolescents who presented with an overdose in a 3 year period.  Acetaminophen was the commonest drug overdose.  33% were under CAMS.  Depression was common factor.  44.7% had a previous history of self-harm.

Involuntary psychiatric admission based on risk rather than need for treatment: Report from the Dublin Involuntary Admission Study (DIAS).

Kelly et al found that among 2940 psychiatric admissions, 14.4% were involuntary.  The involuntary admission group was more likely to be male, unmarried, and to have a diagnosis of schizophrenia (58.1%).  Involuntary admissions based on risk criteria (8 days) had shorter stays compared with those based on treatment criteria (19 days).

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