This Month's Highlights:

The Epidemiology of Emergency Inpatient Hospitalisations Among Those with ‘No Fixed Abode’ (Homeless) 2005-2014: What Lessons Can be Learnt: 

O’Farrell et al have studied the inpatient hospitalization patterns among homeless people.  In the 9 year study period there were 2,051 admissions.  There has been a fourfold increase between 2005 and 2014.  The mean age was 40.6 years.  Over half of the cases had mental/ behavioural diagnosis

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Cocaine use in Young Adults: Correlation with Early Onset Cannabis, Alcohol and Tobacco Use

Smyth et al found that among 1897 study participants the lifetime use of the following was- tobacco 62%, alcohol 96%, cannabis 31%, and cocaine 7.0%.  Earlier age of alcohol and a history of cannabis use were predictors of cocaine use.

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Maternal Mortality in Women with Epilepsy

Holohan et al report that in a 9 year period there were 3 maternal deaths in women with epilepsy.  There were associated concerns in relation to the risks to the fetus from anti-epileptic drugs, and with access to neurology services before pregnancy. 

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