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Incidence of Thyroid Cancer Among Patients with Thyroid Nodules

Gilmartin and Ryan describe 10 patients who presented with thyroid nodules.  Following ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration, 8 patients were found to have malignant nodules.  The majority were female.  Seventy one per cent were the papillary cancer type.


National Survey of the Aetiological Assessment Service of Permanent Childhood Hearing Loss in Ireland

Balfe et al report that in 2016, the screening programme identified 106 infants with permanent childhood hearing loss (PCHL).  This is an incidence of 1.66 per 1000 babies screened.  Only 24.2% of the paediatricians were able to assess for cCMV infection within the 6 weeks window necessary for starting treatment.  Although MRI IAM has a high diagnostic yield, the investigation was only ordered for 57% of the children.


The Experience of the Management of Eating Disorders in a Pop-Up Eating Disorder Unit

McHugh et al state that anorexia nervosa affects 0.5% of the population, 90% being female.  It has the highest mortality of any psychiatric illness.  The authors describe the experience of managing 20 patients with a team consisting of a psychiatrist, physician, dietician, and a nurse.  They employed the MARSIPAN guideline (management of really sick inpatients with anorexia nervosa).  Among the sabotaging behavior witnessed was opening windows in order to shiver, vigorous page turning and tooth brushing, heavy hair accessories and faecal/urine loading on weigh days, use of computer key pads, and animated conversations.



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