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 Investigating the Barriers to the Uptake of Diabetic RetinaScreen

Bennett and Tuthill address the issue of screening for retinopathy in diabetic patients. They identified a number of barriers to diabetic retina screen.  GPs were concerned about the time spent on the phone making appointments.  Prior attendance at the hospital eye clinic was a barrier for patients.


Determination of the Lung Clearance Index (LCI) in a Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Cohort

Mulligan et al describe the use of Exhalyzer D in a paediatric CF clinic.  There were 68 children with CF and 23 controls.  There was a linear correlation between CCI and FEV1.


Antenatal Pertussis Vaccination: Why are General Practitioners Reluctant? A Mixed Methods Study

O’Connell et al report on the attitudes and concerns of 109 GPs regarding the administration of antenatal pertussis vaccination.  57% actively encouraged, 39% were ambivalent, and 4% discouraged.  Safety concerns were the major reservation.  Numerous GPs felt unsupported by the HSE and their secondary care colleagues.  The authors suggest that maternal vaccinations be incorporated into standard antenatal documentation.


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