January 2022
Vol. 115 No. 1

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Articles on this Month's Quiz

Accuracy of Point-of-Care-Ultrasonography in Confirming Shoulder Reduction in Emergency Departments

Vainberg et al describe the use of ultrasound in the confirmation of shoulder reduction. There were 33 cases. The ultrasound confirmed successful reduction in 30 cases, while failure to reduce was correctly identified in 3 patients.

National Hip Fracture Incidence – Past, Present and Future Projections

Al Azawi et al report on the Irish hip fracture database.  They found that the hip fracture rate in those over 60 years is 389.3 per 100,000. The authors calculate that the hip fracture rate will increase by 158.8% by 2046 due to advancing age.

Stroke Risk Factors, Subtype, and Outcomes in a Multi-Ethnic Stroke Population

Finnegan et al report on acute stroke patterns among patients of originally non-Irish ethnicity (ONIE).  They account for 9% of patients with a stroke.  They were younger, mean age 57.5 years. The proportion with an intracranial haemorrhage was higher.

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