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A Cross-Sectional Study of Antibiotic Prescribing for Childhood Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Irish General Practice

F. Maguire, M.E. Murphy, M. Rourke, F. Morgan, G. Brady, E. Byrne, M.E. O’Callaghan

Maguire et al report on 1,007 under-6 children presenting with an URTI.  Antibiotic prescribing rates have decreased since the introduction of free GP care.  The reduction is as follows; 70% to 50% for daytime services, 72% to 60% for out-of-hours services. Following the introduction of free GP care more children presented with minor illness which did not require an antibiotic.


Human Papilloma Virus- Associated Head and Neck Cancer: A 21st Century Pandemic; Assessing Student Awareness and Knowledge

F.G. Kavanagh, A.T. McNamara, O. Fopohunda, I.J. Keogh 

Kavanagh et al state the human papilloma virus (HPV) is a causal agent for head and neck cancers (HNC).  1,494 students were surveyed.  63% had never heard of the term HNC and 45% had never heard of HPV.  69% did not know how one could be exposed to HPV, and 84% were unaware of the association between HNC and HPV.


An Audit of Paediatric Organ and Tissue Donation in Ireland

Marshall et al report that 36 children organs or tissue heart valves over a 11 year period 2007-2018.  There were 13 organ donations between 2007-2012 and 23 donations between 2013-2017.  The most frequently donated organs were kidneys followed by liver and heart.  Among the 52 kidneys donated, the one year survival rate of donor grafts was 96%, with rates of 94% for hearts and 81% for livers.


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