Original Research

Cold water swimming and its potential health benefits: a qualitative study of participants’ views and experiences

Flynn et al. found that in a survey of cold water swimmers there were 3 main themes. They were transforming mood, physical wellbeing, and community engagement.

Enhancing the Quality of External Referrals to Thoracic Surgery in a Tertiary Referral Centre

Davey et al. report that the use of a standardised referral proforma improved the quality of patient referral data content from 63% to 93%.

Role of accompanist in pain medicine consultations: the patient perspective

Boros et al. report on a study of 100 adult patients accompanied by companions during consultations at three hospital Pain Medicine clinics. The companions were mostly close relatives and they were there to help the patient to remember what the doctor said and to provide emotional and mobility support.

The impact of the South Kerry CAMHS review and Maskey report on child and adolescent psychiatrists’ work motivation and stress levels

Bond and McNicholas surveyed the opinions of 102 psychiatrists on their response to above report. The sentiments expressed included decrease in motivation, and increased stress levels.

 Loneliness amongst Older Hospital Inpatients: Prevalence and Associated Factors

Maden et al. surveyed 107 inpatients. Half reported some degree of loneliness and 1 in 7 reported higher degrees of loneliness.

 Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: A National Survey

Tamgumus et al. have surveyed the management of NAS nationally. All units use Oromorph and 66% use Phenobarbitone as a second line medication. 66% have a non-pharmacological plan, and 24% provide specific parent education.

Latest Editorials

Resuscitation training in Ireland - past to present

Kenny and Naas discuss the history of resuscitation training, as well as exploring the variety of initiatives which have been implemented in resus training.

Mortise Ankle X-Rays in Surgical Planning and Post-op Recovery

Bouchard et al. discuss the factors that may lead to superior radiographic efficiency, specifically with regard to mortise ankle X-rays.

Corporate governance – the Emperor’s new clothes?

Á. Carroll discusses various issues in safeguarding within the HSE, healthcare regulators and governance.

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