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September 2022
Vol. 115 No. 8

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Articles on this Month's Quiz

Bacteriological Profiles in Early-Onset-Sepsis (EOS) and Late-Onset-Sepsis (LOS) in Neonates       

Ramly et al have analysed their experience with early onset (EOS) and late onset (LOS) infection in neonates. EOS infections are mostly caused by gram positive organisms, while LOS are more likely to be caused by gram negative organisms.

Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci in Patients Attending for Colonoscopy: An Estimate of Community Prevalence

Croughan et al report a low incidence of VRE in patients attending for colonoscopy. Only one patient was VRE positive.

Parental Perceptions Regarding the Impact of Housing on Child Health

O’Brien et al report on the impact of homelessness on children’s well- being.  The findings are that it affects the child’s play, development, education, safety, and health.

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