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Burnout in Doctors Practising in Ireland Post Covid-19

Carr and Kelly report on burnout in doctors in Ireland from a number of sources. All qualitative data discussed indicate high levels of burnout and stress. Carr and Kelly suggest that research should be undertaken to look further at causation of burnout.

What Makes a Great Clinical Teacher: Trainer and Trainee's Perspectives

Sharif et al. discuss the importance of good training in Medicine and the non-cognitive attributes that a skilled clinician can use to improve the teaching and learning process.

It's Time to Act FAST: A Quality Improvement Program (QIP) to improve acute stroke imaging times

Doran et al. report on a retrospective review of stroke imaging times in St. James' Hospital, Dublin following the implementation of a QIP to improve the acute stroke imaging pathway.

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Acute Care Systems and Performance Metrics

N. Salter discusses the RCPI and performance metrics in Irish acute healthcare systems.

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