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The topic of this year's competition is:

"What are the biggest challenges you anticipate working in medicine post-qualification?"

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2nd place: €200 

3rd place: €100

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Featured Articles from the IMJ

Longitudinal audit of outcomes subsequent to teriparatide therapy

Rafferty et al describe the use of Teriparatide in a cohort of patents with osteoporosis.  Ninety one per cent had a previous fracture.  After starting Teriparatide 58% had no further fractures.  Among those who had a subsequent fracture, the majority were non-vertebral.

A Comparison of Arthroplasty Activity Nationally between Mixed and Elective-Only Units

McCarthy et al. report on data that was collected from HIPE from the years 2015-2019 for all Total Hip and Knee Replacements. The data was separated into ‘mixed’ and ‘elective-only’ arthroplasty units and analysed.

Haematoma following thyroid surgery, reducing the incidence in the face of anticoagulant & antiplatelet use

O’Keefe et al. report on 292 patients who underwent thyroidectomy. The haematoma rate was 0.68% (1/292). The authors describe the use of Floseal.

The Tests and Time study: Achieving timely care in an Emergency Department

Gilligan et al. in a study of 58,323 ED attendances found that those who needed a blood tests spent an additional 6 hours 30 minutes in the department. They found that the need for a plain film caused a 3 hour delay, while an MRI caused delays of over 5 hours.

Latest Editorials

Mortise Ankle X-Rays in Surgical Planning and Post-op Recovery

Bouchard et al. discuss the factors that may lead to superior radiographic efficiency, specifically with regard to mortise ankle X-rays.

Corporate governance – the Emperor’s new clothes?

Á. Carroll discusses various issues in safeguarding within the HSE, healthcare regulators and governance.

Supporting Paediatric Mental Health in Paediatric Hospitals, Paediatric Wards and Beyond

O'Hagan et al. discuss the various pressures on the CAMHS system in Ireland. The authors offer several suggestions to improve delivery of and access to services.

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