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June 2022
Vol. 115 No. 6

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Articles on this Month's Quiz

Clinicians Engagement with Research: Motivating and Impeding Factors

Morrison et al surveyed 400 hospital clinicians about research.  They received 200 replies.  The important motivations for doing research were patient benefit and career advancement.  The main impeding factor was lack of time.

Cannabinoid use for Pain Relief Among People with Multiple Sclerosis

Daly and Sweeney reviewed 101 MS patients in relation to pain symptoms.  Sixty experienced pain, of whom 30% had used cannabinoids for pain relief.

The Difficulty Improving Type 1 Diabetes Outcomes at A Population Level

Gannon et al have undertaken an audit of their type 1 diabetes service.  The numbers have increased from 797 (2013) to 1,501 (2019).  The clinical outcomes were similar, the HbA1C being 69.4 and 68.0 respectively.

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