Short Reports

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors In The Immediate Post-Fall Period

O’Reilly, D, Rutledge, N, Hurson, C, Clifford, G

 O’Reilly et al report on a survey of the management of a patient after a fall.  There were 105 NCHDs in the study.  60 -70% did not check for hip trauma, joint tenderness, syncope, use of anticoagulants, visual symptom, amnesia or vomiting.  The NCHDs expressed dissatisfaction with their knowledge of falls assessment training.

Knife to Skin Time in Orthopaedics- A New Sub-Speciality Selection Tool

R Stewart, K McDonald, A Adair

Stewart et al undertook a retrospective review of 13,474 operations to assess the time it took different subspecialties to wash their hands.  Upper limb surgeons took the longest (13.3 mins) but this included the time to position the limb.