Short Reports

The Prevalence of Respiratory Symptoms in Irish Dairy Farmers

 V Hogan, R Noone, J P Hayes, AM Coggins

Hogan et al studied respiratory symptoms in a cohort of 126 dairy farmers.  34.4% had cough symptoms, 29.4% had upper airway symptoms, 31.7% had eye symptoms.  The authors suggest that the symptoms may be related to work-related dust.

Identifying Factors That Influence The ‘6-Hour Target’ In The Emergency Department By Applying Regression Analysis.

F Borhan, N Borhan, S Ahmed, L Varghese, E O’Conor

Borhan et al in their analysis found that the 6-hour target compliance increases with lesser number of patients waiting to be seen at 8pm.  Advanced nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists exert a positive impact on the 6 hour wait.