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DVT presentations to an emergency department: a study of guideline based care and decision making: Lillis et al report on 385 patients who presented to the ED with suspected DVD. 234 patients had an ultrasound based on clinical findings. There were 29 cases of DVT.   Among 205 patients with a negative initial scan, 36 patients had a second ultrasound examination. Among this subgroup, an additional 5 cases of DVT were identified.

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Bevacizumab compared with diode laser in stage 3 posterior retinopathy of prematurity: a 5 year follow-up: O’Keeffe et al report on the administration of Bevacizumab intra-ocular injection compared with laser therapy. Both treatments were effective in achieving regression of the ROP. Myopia was less common in the Bevacizumab treated infants.

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A national survey on the diagnosis and treatment of paediatric growth hormone deficiency: Hawkes and O’Connell describe the diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency among Irish paediatricians. Only one third use the 2 person technique for measuring children under 2 years. The majority, 80% used sex steroid priming with GH stimulation tests. The authors recommend the establishment of a registry for GH treated children.

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Reporting of acute flaccid paralysis in children under 15 years of age: improving surveillance, January 2009-december 2014: Flanagan et al report 43 AFP cases in children under 15 years, of which 35 were confirmed. Guillain-Barre accounted for 17 cases. In 2014, the expected annual AFP rate was reached.

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Myasthenia Gravis: a population based epidemiological study: Rutledge et al identified 1,715 cases of MG. The overall prevalence rate is 15.38 per 100,000. The female:male ratio is 1.3:1. The condition is increasing, 11.3 per year (2000-2009) to 18.0 per year (2010-2012).

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Healthcare utilization among cancer survivors over 50 years of age: Coughlan et al state that 104,000 patients in Ireland have cancer. 85% of cancers are diagnosed in individuals over 50 years old. The authors found greater use of secondary care services among long-term cancer survivors.

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Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy service: an aid to patient management: Marathe and Canavan describe the establishment of a bronchoscopy service in a local hospital. To date 106 procedures have been performed. The service has reduced the time and cost involved in referrals.

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Utilization and yield of nerve conduction studies and electromyography in older adults: In patients over 65 years, 352 NCS and EMGs were performed. 83.7% of NCS were abnormal, and 102 EMGs were abnormal. Peripheral neuropathy was the diagnosis in two thirds of cases. The authors state that even in the healthy older patient, some decline in the neurological function of the peripheral nervous system in inevitable with the ageing process.