Original Papers

Point of Care Echocardiography in an Irish Critical Care Unit

D. Kuriakose1, R. O’Mahony2, R. Rooplalsingh3, P. McCanny4, F. Colreavy5

Kuriakose et al describe how 4 critical care doctors were instructed on how to perform cardiac ECHO.  An audit was undertaken on the use of ECHO pre and post training during 2 six months study periods.  The number of studies increased from 47 to 144.  The ECHSs were mostly to  measure ventricular function and identify cardiac tamponade. 


Use of ‘Months of the Year Backwards (MOTYB) as a Screening Tool for Delirium in Palliative Care Patients in the Acute Hospital Setting

S. Ryan, D. Hayes, B. Creedon

Ryan et al describe how using MOTYB can be used to identify patients with delirium.  Patients are asked to list the months of the year backwards from December to July.  Among 45 patients referred to the palliative team, 15 (33%) patients screened positive for delirium.


Incidence of Thyroid Cancer Among Patients with Thyroid Nodules

A. Gilmartin1, M. Ryan2

Gilmartin and Ryan describe 10 patients who presented with thyroid nodules.  Following ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration, 8 patients were found to have malignant nodules.  The majority were female.  Seventy one per cent were the papillary cancer type.


The Physical Examination on Admission to the Acute Psychiatric Unit- Complete Audit Cycle

M. Elzain1, I. Elimam2, S. Barry2

Elzain et al state that newly admitted psychiatric patients should have a complete physical examination within 24 hours.  In the first audit the findings were 64% complete, 32% partial and 4% no examination.  Following the introduction of a bundle of measures, a second audit was undertaken.  The findings were 80% complete, 18% partial and 2% no examination.


National Survey of the Aetiological Assessment Service of Permanent Childhood Hearing Loss in Ireland

J. Balfe 1,4, N. Van Der Spek 2,5, D. Waldron 3,5

Balfe et al report that in 2016, the screening programme identified 106 infants with permanent childhood hearing loss (PCHL).  This is an incidence of 1.66 per 1000 babies screened.  Only 24.2% of the paediatricians were able to assess for cCMV infection within the 6 weeks window necessary for starting treatment.  Although MRI IAM has a high diagnostic yield, the investigation was only ordered for 57% of the children.