March 2016 Volume 109 Number 3

IMJ Commentary

Original Papers

Epidemiology of injury in Gaelic Handball 

S O Connor, M Downey, K Moran 

The Association Between 25 Hydroxyvitamin D and Airway Obstruction in Asthma

K Hutchinson, C Kerley, K Bolger, L Cormican, Y Rochev, J Faul

Headache Management in Community Pharmacies

EM O'Sullivan, Br Sweeney, E Mitten, C Ryan 

Short Report

Group B Streptoccocal Meningitis and Ventriculo-peritoneal Shunts

M Crealey, T Mandiwanza, D Crimmins, A Foran, JFA Murphy

Case Report

Osteosarcoma in a patient receiving long-term TNF inhibitor therapy 

J Greene, GM O'Kane, E Aherne, GC O'Toole, DN Carney  

Superficial siderosis

T Abkur, S Looby, T Counihan

Letters to the Editor

Appropriateness of medical admissions and of continued in-patient stay at an acute hospital

S Waqas, Z Galvin, DV Demirdal, T O'Connor, C Windrim, K McCormick, R Doyle, G Chadwick