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May 2018 Vol 111, Number 5

IMJ Commentary

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

JFA Murphy


Modern Approaches to Self-Neglect

H Smyth, S Kennelly, D O’Neill

Original Papers

Attitudes and Uptake of Seasonal Influenza Vaccination for Health Service Executive (HSE) Staff.

KI Quintyne, E Daly, E Brabazon, P Finnegan, P Kavanagh

Quintyne et al surveyed health care workers attitudes to ‘flu vaccination.  35.7% had taken the flu vaccine for the 2016-2017 season.  87.1% agreed that taking the vaccine was a good example for patients.  Only 35.7% agreed with mandatory ‘flu vaccination.

Patterns of Mortality in Modern Stroke Care

M D’Alton, T Coughlan, N Cogan, S Greene, DJH McCabe, A McCarthy, S Murphy, R Walsh, D O’Neill, S Kennelly, D Ryan, R Collins.

D’Alton et al report on 518 patients with a stroke.  The mortality was 7.5%.  Among the deceased cohort group, the average age was 78.6 years, 49% had atrial fibrillation, and the mean survival was 26.4 days.

The Utility of Dopamine Transporter Scans for Diagnosing Parkinsonian Disorders.

GF Crotty, OA O’Corragain, C Bogue, J Crotty, S S O’Sullivan

Crotty et al reviewed the value of dopamine transporter scanning in the diagnosis.  69% of the scans showed evidence of dopaminergic deficit.  In 65% of cases the scan finding led to a change in clinical management.

A Descriptive Study of Antidepressant Prescribing In a Semi-Rural Practice

 M Walsh, I Duffy

Walsh and Duffy report that 7% (602) patients were prescribed antidepressants in the preceeding 6 months.  Escitalopram was the most commonly described antidepressant.  The authors comment that the practice reflects the wide use of antidepressants in society.

Seasonal Variation in the Emergency Department Prevalence Of Sepsis

 McNevin C, McDowell R, Ni Shearcaigh A, Wakai A

McNevin et al studied the incidence of sepsis between summer and winter.  There were higher rates of sepsis in the winter compared with the summer.  The rate of uncomplicated sepsis was 43.9/1000 –v- 30.7/1000.  The rate of septic shock was 17.7/1000-v-11.7/1000.

Patients’ Attitude towards Travelling For Breast Services versus Waiting Longer For Local Services

Abd Elwahab S., McGough P, Cooley G, McLaughlin R.

Elwahab et al examined patients attitudes towards a longer wait at the local centre (LGH) compared with an earlier appointment at a more distant centre (UCHG).  Despite the longer journeys 100% of patients expressed satisfaction with the UCHG appointment and 97.3% would be happy to go there again.

The Utility of Routine Echocardiography in Newborn Infants with a Persistent Oxygen Requirement  

N Walsh, C Breathnach, A El-Khuffash, O Franklin, JD Corcoran.

Walsh et al addressed whether infants with transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN) should have a cardiac ECHO performed.  In a series of 47 infants with TTN, no infant had a significant congenital heart lesion.  The authors conclude that routine ECHO on infants with TTN is unwarranted.


How would Mary Poppins fare in labour? Practically perfect?


L Bolger, RSweeney, M Foley, R Mahony

Bolger et al calculated the likelihood of a ‘practically perfect’ birth in a first time mother.  In a large cohort of 7616 mothers only 0.8% had a practically perfect birth.  The authors discuss the issue of realistic expectations.

Case Reports

Acquired Factor Xiii Deficiency: An Uncommon But Easily Missed Cause Of Severe Bleeding

H Fogarty, M Byrne, NM. O’Connell, K Ryan, B White, JS. O’Donnell, M Lavin.

Fogarty et al report a 70 year old man who presented with a gluteal bleed.  Following extensive investigations a marked reduction in Fxiii levels.

Transcatheter Mitral Valve-in-Ring Implantation

RE Tanner, J McCarthy, K P Walsh, G Blake, I P Casserly

Tanner et al describe the placement of a transcatheter mitral valve.  The patient had a previous failed mitral valve repair.

Short Reports

Patient satisfaction with joint colorectal-urogynaecology pelvic floor surgery

BD O’Leary, AM Hanly, GJ Agnew

O’Leary et al assessed 15 patients who had pelvic floor surgery.  86.7% of the patients with satisfied with their surgery.  73.3% were pleased with the time taken to return to work and other routine activities.

Book Review

Medical Law in Ireland (3rd Edition)

By Dr Shane O’Hanlon,  St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin 4

Occasional Piece

An Approach to Hypophosphataemia

J Martin-Grace, M J. McKenna


Prof Niall O’Donohoe (Feb 14th 1925- Oct 23 2017)

Letters to the Editor

Diabetes Knowledge and Attitudes among Special Needs Assistants: A Pilot Study

S A Hurley, P McCabe, A Torrance, M J O’Grady

Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis in a Previously Healthy Infant

A Jenkinson