April 2016 Edition

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IMJ Commentary

A New Hospital for the Children of Ireland:


Technical Knockout: When is Traumatic Brain Injury “just” a Concussion?

PJ. O’Halloran, JA. Johnson

Original Papers

Car Safety Seat Usage and Selection Among Families Attending University Hospital Limerick

P Scully, N Finner, JB Letshwiti, C O’Gorman 

Attitudes Toward Palliative Care and End of Life Issues: A Prospective Survey in Patients with Metastatic Cancer

C Docherty, L Lester, S O’Reilly

The Efficacy of Bronchial Thermoplasty for Severe Persistent Asthma– the First National Experience

DC Watchorn, A Sahadevan, JJ Egan, SJ Lane

A Prospective Analysis of the Relationship between Chronic Diseases and Adiposity in older adults: Findings from the Lifeways Cross-Generation Cohort Study of a Thousand Families 2001-2014

P O’Reilly, MM Heinen, K Viljoen, J O’Brien, R Somerville, CM Murrin, CC Kelleher

Case Report

Critical airway compromise due to a massive vagal schwannoma

AM McDermott, M Sadadcharam, BJ Manning, P Sheahan 

Culture Negative Infective Endocarditits: a changing paradigm

A Daly, JM Redmond, MM Hannan

Palliative subcutaneous terbutaline infusion in severe asthma

A Sahadevan, SJ Lane 

Band Heterotopia: An unusual cause of seizures

A Keraliya, P Naphade, D Murphy 

Research Correspondence

Medical Student and General Practitioner Perceptions of Challenges in General Practice in Ireland

P Gouda, S Fanous, PA Sloane, AW Murphy

Letters to the Editor

Beware of non-traumatic chylothorax

M Kooblall, M Doyle, R McCarron, CM Burke

Clinical decision rules for CT in minor head injury

GM Healy, CE Redmond, V Meyer, R Kavanagh, RP Killeen, J Ryan 

Hand in Hand – The Activity of a Soft Tissue Trauma Clinic in a Tertiary Referral Centre and its Association with Economic Prosperity

C McQuade, CS Quinlan, OP Shelley, PA Eadie


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