January 2017 Volume 110 No. 1

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January 2017, Volume 110; Number 1

IMJ Commentary

Doctors and the Effects of the Complaints Process

J FA Murphy - Editor (P492)



Hospital-in-the-Home — essential to an integrated model of paediatric care

C C Hensey, B Freyne, P A Bryant (P493)


 Original Papers

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) / Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT): Benefit to Irish patients and Irish Healthcare Economy

Cagney and Armstrong investigate the efficacy of stereotactic treatment for Irish patients and the resulting benefits to the Irish health service.  

Trends in fractures and fatalities of farmyard injuries in Ireland: a 10 year analysis

Lee et al report that during the period 2005-2014 there were 2064 farm-related fractures and 187 fatalities.  The farming community accounts for 6% of the population. 

Predictors of live birth after vasectomy reversal in a specialist fertility centre

 Davis et al describe 106 vasectomy reversals in a 13 year period.  The subsequent patency rate was 75% and the live birth rate was 41%.  A shorter post vasectomy obstructive interval (PVOI) less than 5 years and a female age <36 years were significant predictors of a live birth. 


Pilot evaluation of an online weight management programme

 Cawley et al describe the efficacy of a 6 week online weight loss programme.  There were 85 recruits.  All 31 subjects who completed the course lost weight.  Males lost more weight than females, 4.2K vs 1.9Kg. (P496)


Improving time to surgery for hip fracture patients: impact of the introduction of an emergency theatre 

ffrench-O’Carroll et al have audited the time for hip fracture surgery after the opening of a new theatre.  Delays greater than 36 hours were reduced from 49% to 26%.   It is pointed out that 3,000 patients are admitted to Irish hospitals with a hip fracture.  Access to a theatre is an important factor in surgery delays. (P498)


Venous thromboembolism – risk assessment tool and thromboprophylaxis policy: a national survey

 Khan et al surveyed 31 acute hospitals regarding thromboprophylaxis policies.  Just 8/31 hospitals in the study had a local policy.  The authors suggest that the lack of a national consensus is a risk for patients (P499)



Case Report

Shiitake flagellate dermatitis: the first case reported in Ireland  

Byrne et al describe a case of shiitake dermatitis secondary to the ingestion of shiitake mushrooms.  The mushroom is commonly used in Asian cuisine.  The dermatitis is self-limiting. (P500)


Interarterial left circumflex:  the forgotten coronary artery anomaly

Murphy et al describe a case of an anomalous coronary artery origin.  There was a separate origin of the left circumflex coronary artery from the left side of the Valsalva. (P501)



Short Report

Knowledge of HIV PEP among healthcare workers in Ireland 2016: room for improvement

Garvey et al report on survey of healthcare workers about post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) in HIV prevention.  Most respondents were aware of the emergency management of injuries toolkit but only 18% of 68 respondents answered 5 or more of 6 knowledge questions correctly. (P502)


 Research Correspondence

George Boole and Childhood Mortality in the Cork Union Workhouse

 Anthony Ryan, Desmond MacHale, Yvonne Cohen  (P503)

Does My Baby Have Congenital Zika Virus Infection?

E Ruth, S O’Rourke, P Gavin (P504)

Letters to the Editor

Consider β-blocker withdrawal when using the Aldosterone Renin Ratio for case detection of Primary Aldosteronism.

T P. Griffin, D Wall, G A. Browne, M C Dennedy, P M. O’Shea (P505)

A Statistical Methodology to determine factors affecting Patient Experience Time Targets in the Emergency Department.

F Borhan, S Ahmed,  L Varghese, E O’Conor. (P506)

Hump in The Road: An Unusual Opacity on Admission Chest X-Ray

S. Cormican, G. Kiernan, M. Lee, D. Smith (P507)

Pilomatrixoma or a “hair line fracture”

K Ramotshabi, T M Connelly, M Mullins, JKelly, P O’Grady (P508)

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