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February 2018 Vol 111, No 2


Competency Based Medical Education

JFA Murphy


K McCarthy, J O’B Hourihane

Original Papers

A Comparison of Perceived And Measured Paternal Weight And BMI, And Relationship To Weight And BMI Of His Children

R F. Power, B Power, C S. O’Gorman.

Power et al report that among fathers the difference between self-reported weight and measured weight was 1.03Kg.  Obese fathers were more likely to have obese sons 9.4% and obese daughters 12.4%.

Magnetic Stent Removal in a Nurse-Led Clinic; A Nine-Month Experience.

L O’Connell, MP Broe, D Rooney , S Elhag, I Cheema , BB McGuire .

O’Connell et al describe the removal magnetic stents in a nurse-led clinic.  The cohort was 59 patients, all suffering from renal calculi.  90.7% of patients stated that they were satisfied with their experience in the nurse led clinic.

Point Prevalence of Adult Intestinal Failure In Republic Of Ireland

A Bell, N Conway, J Courtney, K Kennedy, Z Raubenheimer, Niamh Rice, D Kevans, C L Donohoe, J V Reynolds

Bell et al report on 67 patients across 15 centres who were treated for intestinal failure.  The study period was 1 year.  75% experienced at least 1 major complication.  One third of patients developed catheter-related infections.

Outcomes of a Community-Based Paediatric Weight Management Programme In An Irish Midlands Setting

AE Bennett, C Johnston Molloy, C Glennon-Slattery, D Loane

Bennett et al report that in a study of 95 children attending a weight management programme, 90.5% were obese and 9.5% were overweight.  51 families opted for the overweight treatment trial (SCOTT) but only 18 completed the programme.  The authors discuss ways to reduce the attrition rate including online interactive tools.

Physical Activity Levels and Perceived Barriers to Exercise Participation in Irish General Practitioners and General Practice Trainees”

DM Keohane, NA Mulligan, B Daly

Keohane et al describe the exercise activities of 219 GPs/trainees.  60% demonstrated excessively sedentary behavior.  20% were completely inactive.  Time constraint was the greatest barrier to taking exercise.

Kawasaki Disease – A Review of Treatment and Outcomes in an Irish Paediatric Cohort 2010-14. 

Flinn AM, Gavin PJ, McMahon CJ, Oslizlok P, Butler KM

Flinn et al describe 32 children with Kawasaki disease.  47% had abnormal ECHO findings in the acute phase but just 12.5% had persisting ECHO abnormalities.

The Prevalence of Severe Sepsis or Septic Shock in an Irish Emergency Department

C McNevin, R McDowell, F Fitzpatrick, R O’Sullivan, A Wakai

McNevin found that among 3585 patients attending ED there were 42 patients with severe sepsis.  The prevalence is 11.7 patients per 1000 attendances.  The affected patients were older.

Low Yield of Positive Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Culture and Bacterial PCR Tests In Paediatric Patients With A Normal CSF White Cell Count

R J. Drew, M J. Nielsen, G O’Mahony, C McGuinness, R Cunney

Drew et al studied 2,482 children who had a lumbar puncture performed.  There were 101 laboratory confirmed cases of meningitis- 27 culture and PCR, 26 culture only, 48 PCR only.  Only 18 (0.6%) of children had a positive bacterial CSF PCR with a normal CSF WCC.

DVD versus physiotherapist-led inhaler education: a randomised controlled trial

R Khan, F Yasin, S O’Neill, E Cahalane, R O’Shea, B Browne, J Cournane, S Rand, H Shannon

Khan et al report the results of a trial in which children and their families received inhaler education either from a DVD or a physiotherapist.  There was no significant difference between the 2 methods.

Case Reports

A Borderline Ovarian Tumour in A Patient with Classic Bladder Exstrophy; A Case Report.

K Beauchamp, G Ryan, B Gibney, T Walsh, D Brennan

Beauchamp et al describe a 37 year old lady who presented with a large pelvic mass.  She had undergone surgical separation from her conjoined twin.  Following investigations and subsequent surgery it was confirmed that she had a bladder exstrophy.

Portal Hypertensive Colopathy with Pelvic Varices presenting as Severe Lower GI Bleed treated with TIPSS

SF Murphy, M Durand, JP McMorrow, JF Meaney, M Guiney

Murphy et al describe a case of portal hypertensive colopathy secondary to alcoholic liver cirrhosis.  She was successfully treated with a transjugular intrahepatic  portosystemic shunt (TIPSS) procedure.

Book Review

Mental Health in Ireland: The Complete Guide for Patients, Families, Health Care Professionals & Everyone Who Wants To Be Well’

Prof B Kelly (review by Prof Patricia Casey)

Short Reports

The Prevalence of Respiratory Symptoms in Irish Dairy Farmers

 V Hogan, R Noone, J P Hayes, AM Coggins

Hogan et al studied respiratory symptoms in a cohort of 126 dairy farmers.  34.4% had cough symptoms, 29.4% had upper airway symptoms, 31.7% had eye symptoms.  The authors suggest that the symptoms may be related to work-related dust.

Identifying Factors That Influence The ‘6-Hour Target’ In The Emergency Department By Applying Regression Analysis.

F Borhan, N Borhan, S Ahmed, L Varghese, E O’Conor

Borhan et al in their analysis found that the 6-hour target compliance increases with lesser number of patients waiting to be seen at 8pm.  Advanced nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists exert a positive impact on the 6 hour wait.

Letters to the Editor

A Paws for Thought:  Paediatric Burn

R Long , S Martin,  CE Black

Follow Up Chest Radiography In Paediatric Pneumonia: Is It Avoidable?

Khan ,  L Whitla, Kenosi , Coghlan , Nadeem 

SCN1A Variant and Cannabidiol Use

C Reynolds, R Finnegan, E Forman, MD King.