September 2016 edition

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IMJ Commentary

Medical Error as a Cause of Death Revisited

 JFA Murphy


Non-Obstructive Azoospermia and the Impact of MicroTESE

T Dineen, J Waterstone, I Cullen

Original Papers

The Prevalence of Grass Pollen-Related Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis in Elite Amateur Irish Athletes 

M Grace, D Hunt  J O’B Hourihane

Uptake of the Influenza Vaccination in Pregnancy

DA Crosby, D Deleau, C Brophy, FM Mcauliffe, R Mahony

A Quality Improvement Approach to Reducing the Caesarean section Surgical Site Infection Rate in a Regional Hospital 

M O’ Hanlon , C McKenna, E Carton , D Diviney, MR Costell, L O’Sullivan, J Fitzsimons, L Toland, G Dornikova, R Curran, C McCann, L Crinion, T Doherty, C Crowley, S O’Coigligh

Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) Infection in Ireland 

C Hickey, D Spillane, J Benson, J Levis, LJ Fanning, B Cryan, MB Prentice 

Can 'Hot Spotting' Prove to be a Useful Tool to Identify Disproportionate ED Use in the Rural General Hospital Setting?

EJ McGovern, J Bolger, D Courtney, W Khan, I Khan, J Horan, A Jackson, K Barry

Research Correspondence

Ketamine: Future Treatment For Unresponsive Depression?

M Frere, J Tepper

Book Reviews:

Grave Matters: Death and Dying in Dublin 1500 to the Present

Lisa Marie Griffith & Ciarán Wallace Editors


Case Reports

MELAS (Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy, Lactic Acidosis, Stroke) - a Diagnosis Not to be Missed

NM Quinn, G Stone, F Brett, P Caro-Dominguez, O Neylon, B Lynch

Ovarian Small Cell Carcinoma Hypercalcemic Type: A Case Report.

M B.Rahma ,M Abbas

Short Report

Are Adults Attending GPs Able to Check Their Own Weight?

M Crickmer, M Johnson, E Shanahan, B O’Shea

Letters to the Editor

Bone Mineral Density in Short Individuals; How Can We Interpret It?

M Nadeem, EF Roche 

An Unusual Case of Acquired (Delayed Onset) Cystic Hygroma in a Child

PBJ Sanneerappa, L Cunningham, P Gallagher, N Ramesh

Neonatal thyroid function: test first, think second?

L E Geraghty, M J O’Grady

Physician scientists: We need to act now.

H Humphreys


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